The 2016 CIOR Language Academy in Estonia

The 17th CIOR (Confederation of Interallied Reserve Officers) Language Academy drew to a close on July 29th in Muraste Customs and Police Academy near Tallinn, Estonia.
Sixty three students, mainly reserve and regular forces officers (MoD civilians can also attend CLA) were warmly welcomed by the head of the Estonian Reserve Association, Captain Lillehet.

As from July 18th, students from 19 countries gathered in Muraste. They came from Georgia, the Ukraine, Poland, the USA, Turkey, Albania, Spain,Estonia, Bulgaria, Finland, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, the UK and France. Their aim was to attend EFL (English as a foreign language) or FFL (French as a foreign language) courses to suit their operational linguistic needs.

Both NATO official languages are taught at CLA according to the participants' linguistic skills in three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced courses) by reserve officers who are language teachers as civilians.The FFL course is taught by two French Army captains and a Swiss captain. The EFL course is taught by British, American, Dutch and Swiss officers.
These courses are intensive and students are enabled to improve their oral and writing skills regarding civilian as well as NATO military operational topics.On top of that , each student enjoys the opportunity to take the PLS STANAG exams in either French or English (from level 1 to 3) at the end of the 2 weeks CLA session.

Extra curricular activities were also organized to enable students to socialize and broaden their horizons.Thus, our Estonian hosts introduced us to their country's amazingly rich history thanks to sightseeings and visits of Tallinn, the country's vibrant and dynamic medieval capital city.
In addition, we enjoyed great presentations about the Estonian Navy and Army well as a fantastic briefing by the Royal Air Force (UK) , in charge of securing Estonia's airspace close to Russia.This briefing was followed by a visit of Amaari Air Base where we saw A-10 C Thunderbolt and KC 135 R of the US Air Force as well as RAF Typhoons in action.

This linguistic program provided us the opportunity to discover cultural traditions from many different countries and contemporary geopolitical issues at stake in a great learning environment based on friendship and open-mindedness.

CLA's new Director, Colonel (R) Stanislas de Magnienville (French Army) , is already preparing the 2017 summer session.
This 2 weeks' session is a unique opportunity to learn, meet fellow reserve officers and enjoy cross-cultural topics . You will hardly come across such a great international experience apart from a deployment abroad. The good news is, CLA is excellent value for money. Students were only charged 380 euros for the 2016 session, covering full board , tuition and extra curricular activities, an unbeatable price indeed!

Please, feel free to check out our internet website as well as our Facebook page
Spread the words around you and join us in 2017!

Captain (R) Ronan Conq , CLA FFL course leader and CIOR Language Academy Secretary
Captain (R) Nicolas Bayol , FFL French instructor
Major (R) Marie Pierre Antoine, CLA EFL student

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ARTCLE ON CIOR LANGUAGE ACADEMY ON SCA (for Service du commissariat des armées ) magazine  (Soutenir 4 p33) : "LE SCA INTÈGRE L’ACADÉMIE DES LANGUES DE LA CIOR (OTAN)"

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