San Fernando, Spain July 23 - August 3, 2018

The CIOR Language Academy 2018 will be held at the Escuela de Suboficiales de la Armada Española in San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain.
The day of arrival scheduled for STUDENTS is Sunday 22 July and the day of departure is Saturday 4 August.
The day of arrival scheduled for FACULTY AND STAFF is Saturday 21 July and the day of departure is Saturday 4 August.

San Fernando is a small peninsular in the Bay of Cadiz and is located approximately 12km / 15mins from Cadiz City and only 5km from an expanse of beach area directly to the south called Playa Del Castillo.
The closest airport is Jerez which is 45km to the North, followed by Seville which is 120km to the North. There are excellent train connections from all major airports, and local bus routes connect the peninsular.

The host nation will provide transportations from and to Jerez Airport and San Fernando Bahia-Sur railway station (the cost of the service is included in the 400 Euro registration fee).

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For those of you driving to San Fernando, the address of the Naval Academy is: Escuela de Suboficiales de la Armada (ESUBO)
C/ Almirante Baturone Colombo
11100 San Fernando (Cádiz)

GPS Coordinates: 36.479604, -6.192247


Free parking available on site


Accommodation for CLA students will be in 2 main bunk bedded rooms in suites of 4 rooms with showers and toilets and a shared kitchen. The kitchen has a microwave and fridge. Each bedroom has two study desks. CLA staff, instructors and students with the rank of full Col will be in single en-suite rooms.

Fresh bed linen will be issued on arrival and at the end of the first week students will be issued with a change of linen.
Please note, towels and washing items are not provided.
There is a laundry facility on site which is under private contractors. Students will be given an allocated time in which laundry can be submitted for washing and collection.

There are no shop facilities within the Academy. The centre of San Fernando is only a 10 minute walk where shops, restaurants, bars etc can be found.

WiFi connection will be available throughout the Academy.

All participants will have free access to the outdoor swimming pool and all sports courts (short tennis, basketball, football) and running trails. There is no gym at the academy.
There is a large TV room with table tennis and lounge area as well as a library for students to use throughout their stay.

All participants will be issued with a CLA identity card on arrival / during reception.
It is vital that accurate details are sent to the CLA ahead of arrival. All participants must in be in possession of a valid passport / national identity card.

Culturally the Spanish have a larger meal in the middle of the day (around 2.00pm) and a lighter meal for dinner (around 9.00pm).
The CLA will build a timetable that respects the norms of the Spanish hosts and the needs for students who may be more accustomed to eating earlier.


The Spanish currency is EURO. There is an exchange office in the airport. The nearest ATM is outside the main gate of the Academy.
The 400 Euro registration fee must be paid in CASH to Dr. Isabella Zanetto on site on Monday after the Opening Ceremony. Formal receipts will be issued
The 400 Euro registration fee covers the costs for accommodation and meals from Sunday 22 July to Saturday 4 August, for longer stays you may be requested to pay an extra fee per day. 

The Academy has high standards to maintain and in respect of their wishes all classes will be conducted in uniform for all military personnel.
The following is advised for military personnel:
- Short sleeve order for those wearing combat/fatigues
- Short sleeve order for those in Service Dress
- Full Service Dress will be required for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and may be required for the military excursion.

Outside of classes participants are free to wear clothes of their choice. However the ESUBO is a prestigious institution and although we will be the only group at the Academy we are expected to present a professional appearance befitting military officers. Accordingly, "neat casual clothing" for men should consist of shirts with collars, long trousers, shoes, and socks. Exceptions are allowed for physical exercise, your free time in our dormitory, and other times as announced during the daily morning meeting.

As the Academy is located close to the south coast the temperature in Cadiz during July and August averages 25 degrees. Participants are advised to bring appropriate clothing to suit this climate.

Classes will be held under the program approved by the management of the Academy.  The following will be considered grounds for dismissal from CLA 2018:
Prolonged failure to attend in class
Conduct disruptive to the studies of other students.
Intoxication during school hours or at official school functions.
Illegal drug use (Spanish law and regulations apply).
Academic cheating.
Conduct unbecoming a member of the military

Participants in CLA2018 should keep in mind that the ESUBO Academy is a military establishment. Our conduct is at all times subject to military custom and regulation. 
All participants must be aware that there are to be no alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor, etc.) within the Academy. This regulation is strictly enforced.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Participants are requested to be respectful of the academy’s reputation and ensure all smoking is conducted in designated outside areas.

The flag is raised at the Academy every morning at 0800hrs and every evening at 2000hrs. At these moments all participants in the vicinity of the flag area are to stand and salute. Those inside the buildings are to stop what they are doing and wait until the ceremony is concluded.

There are no restrictions on leaving the training centre. However, ensure that you speak to a responsible CLA faculty or staff member before leaving the course during classroom hours. Emergencies do occur, but generally your duty is to be at the Academy until classes finish. The Academy expects all participants to within the base no later than 2330hrs.

You are attending the CIOR Language Academy to improve your fluency in one of the two NATO languages: English and French. You are encouraged to use your new language skills at all times. 


A full timetable will be given to each student in their welcome pack. Please note that the CIOR Language Academy is an immersion language experience which in addition to the daily academic lessons and activities offers social programs, films in the studied language, pedagogical and cultural excursions, interaction between all students. Therefore very little time is available for personal errands. The pedagogical excursion on the intermediate weekend is mandatory.

For any further information please contact Dr. Isabella Zanetto at

CIOR Language Academy - an authorized training activity of CIOR