Merci pour vos remarques

Trois questions simples pour les participants de l’Academie des Langues de la CIOR afin de partager leur experience:

1 - Pourquoi avez-vous participé à l’académie des langues?
2 - Est-ce que cela a été une expérience plaisante? Pourquoi?
3 - L’académie des langues vous a-t-elle été utile dans votre vie civile/militaire?

Ci dessous leurs reponses!

Envoyez nous votre ressenti au sujet de votre experience de l’Academie des Langues. CLIQUEZ ICI!
1 - I wanted to take a chance talking English. I wanted to learn allied people and It would be good chance to learn Tallinn, Muraste.
2 - I enjoyed it , I learned and remembered a lot of things. I learned a lot of allied people there and made a friendship with them. I took a chance talking English and traveled in Tallinn. I learned a lot of place there.
3 - I think it will help to solve the a lot of problems of the world in the near future. Communication is important for todays world.
I want to thank you for that you invited me to this course. I say thank persons who helped us at the course, first of all our teachers, all persons who organized this course.

Col (R) Sedat Türker, Turkey
CLA 2016, English Beginner
1 - I wanted to study English better.
2 - I liked CLA. I learned more than, I Knew before attend CLA. I met good people.
3 - This course is useful for my military life.

Maj Ivane Gigauri, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Beginner
1 - It was wonderful to attend this course. The lessons related with preparation of STANAG were very helpful for me.
2 - I would like to thank you for giving us the chance to attend this event. We appreciate very much your cooperation and support regarding the participation in this CLA.
In addition, this course helped us to discuss and share information with partecipants from other countries. It was also a very good opportunity to enjoy the nature and culture of Tallinn.
3 - This CLA helped us improve our skills in english, such as writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Col (R) Suzana Jahollari, Albania
CLA 2016, English Advanced
1 - English language skills are important for my military career, which fully gives me opportunity CLA Language Academy.
2 - Yes. I liked the teaching method, two teachers, with different accents helped me fully to assimilate the training program.
3 - Yes. It helps me to communicate with foreign colleagues

Maj Giorgi Goderdzishvili, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Beginner
1 - To develop my own experience as a teacher and to support the UK Reserve Forces Association in their efforts to provide suitable instruction.
2 - I very much enjoyed the experience and look forward to future opportunities with CLA
3 - Absolutely! It allowed me to broaden my experience of international culture within Armed Forces whilst practicing my skills within EFL.

Lt Richard Stevan Wilkinson, United Kingdom
CLA 2016, English Intermediate, INSTRUCTOR
1 - I wanted to understand how people think the military of other countries. Understand the specifics of communication and learn to communicate
2 - so so. little efficiency. Basically, military retired. For the study of the English language is very diverse topics. Plainly no one and has not learned. Long and frequent breaks. Lessons was little, and they are short
3 - Yes, thank you, now I'm not afraid to communicate in English, even with my little vocabulary. In the future it will be easier to learn the language

Lt Oleksandr Romanovskiy, Ukraine
CLA 2016, English Beginner
1 - I attended CLA because I wanted to know how I would present my knowledge of English before native English teachers. I have never had such an opportunity before. Now I am more motivated to deepen my knowledge to achieve better results in future.
2 - I enjoyed it very much, because the course was conducted in good environment by highly professional instructors, who did their best to help us gain knowledge within short period of time. It was really great pleasure. At the same time I made friends with people from different countries of the world, which for us, Georgians, is very precious. Thanks to all who gave me this opportunity.
3 - CLA was very useful and important for my civilian and military life, though I hope to achieve better results in future.

Maj Irakli Mgaloblishvili, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Advanced
1 - Because I want to become better spoken English, and use my skills in everday practice wich fully gives me oportunity CLA Language Academy.
2 - I am pleased with the high level of organization of the course, as well as the high level of professionalism of teachers.
3 - Yes, CLA was useful for my military life.

LtCol Mamuka Bluashvili, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Intermediate
1 - Because I wanted to improve my English skills, also I wanted to pass exams In order to know my level of English language proficiency.
2 - Yes. I liked the teaching method. Also two teachers, with different accents.
3 - Yes. It helps me to communicate with foreign colleagues.

Maj Ilia Giorgobiani, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Intermediate
1 - English language skills are important for my military career, and military relations with different countries is an additional experience, which fully gives me opportunity CLA Language Academy.
2 - During the study References to fully satisfy my needs. The professionalism of the instructors helped me fully to assimilate the training program.
3 - Yes, of course.

Jr. Set Arsena Khatiashvili, Georgia
CLA 2016, English Intermediate
1 - Improve my French in writing, speaking and listening
2 - I spent a very nice time with my collegues, had some very in depth conversations which were very personal, very moving and touching. So, not only learning French but also to know each other better.
Critics: the French course ended on Monday, that could be longer, I think.
3 - Especially for civilian life. Because of budget cuts in NL, reservists are not often asked to serve their country.

Maj (R) Frank Evers, The Netherlands
CLA 2016, French Advanced
1.  To improve my proficiency in French in view of the incoming French CIOR Presidency.  To further my understanding of French and European culture
2.  Oh yes.  Just the right combination of study, work, and play for me.  I believe that I really improved my French during this intensive course.
3.  I am much more useful to my country in the international forum of CIOR than I would be as a monolingual person.

CAPT David Epstein, USNR(Ret)
CLA 2010 intermediate, CLA 2011 advanced, CLA 2012 advanced
1 - I'd like to meet reserve officer in NATO countries. I want to know military terminology in English. I am excited to see new places and new people.
2 - Well, I liked that I learned CLA 07 for Macedonian hospitality and youth work military new Macedonian Army to be good hosts.
I liked the CLA 08 Turkish military professionalism and cultural sites visited by students.
Evenings organized by students from each country and those prepared by teachers were superb.
3 - I was informed about the activities of military reservists from different countries and have sought to apply the association of reservists in Romania. Together with the family, I returned to Skopje and Istanbul holiday.
4 - I would like to attend classes CLA, but the costs are high. I have to pay travel expenses, in addition to the costs of participation in the CLA. I have modest cash income (620 Euro / month).

Colonel, Marian Dula, Romania
2007 Skopje, 2008 Istanbul, beginner.
1 - Because, It is a good and cheapest way of improving my skills in languages and travel and meet other people, countries and cultures.
2 - Yes. Because it works and the atmosphere is in general good
3 - Yes.

José Antonio López, 2nd Lt. Spanish Navy
3 courses: I send links about my experiences in Bulgaria, 2009, and Czech Republic,2010 (Spanish). Sorry I didn’t write anything about Moldova,2011, but I have good memories, too.
1 - To meet personnel from NATO and NATO-partners / to learn speaking French fluently
2 - Yes, I enjoyed. Pleasant people, pleasant time
3 - It certainly did. I want to attend another time. 

Major (R) Frank C.M. Evers - Royal Netherlands Army, Holland
CLA 2012 (Vyskov) Level: intermediate
1 - 2010 June and September the refresh
2 - I enjoyed very much, I studied a lot, and got know a lot of interesting people, some of them were visiting me later, and some I visited in abroad as well
3 - My vocabulary developed, than I participated on CIMIC courses in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and tested reporting and negotiationg in military English, I made interview with the CHILFOR Commander, which was published in AARMS military review, and I am in the last grade of my PhD studies of military sciences, it was very useful I would like to attend CLA again

Csilla Varga lt. res. of Hungarian AF
1 - CLA in Istanbul 2008, refresh course Gdynia 2009,refresh course Vyškov 2011, refresh course Vyškov 2013
2 - meeting various people (age,profesion, military experience) from a many countries
3 - CLA is great idea for soldiers when I can compare military duty between Czech army and others

I wish you a lot of succes.
Best regards

Vladimír Tamok, CZ
1 - By the time I attended the CLA I was realising a research project for CIOR and it was necessary to improve my "military English". Besides, I wanted to spend some time in the fascinating country of Romania, especially in the respective region that I did not know before.
2 - Although a Full Colonel of the Romanian Armed Forces was necessary for taking care that coffee was available during coffee brakes, and the Romanian Armed Forces did not leave a "Prussian" impression on me, we learned a lot about Romania, all the nations that were represented during CLA, and enjoyed warm hospitality. I enjoyed the most the exchange of experiences and views with former Polish professional soldiers. And the presentation of Jan Sjölin I remember very vividly - and still profit from it, especially during business conversations with contacts from China.
3 - Yes, CLA was useful both for my civilian and military life. Now that I try to rember everything it comes to my mind that I had a bad sprain of my foot during CLA and had to walk with crutches for quite a while. That did not affect my conclusion that it was a very valuable and intense time with some of the finest people I ever met in uniform.

Max Bornefeld-Ettmann Rank: Captain (res) (German Air Force), German Army Reserve

CLA: 2006 Level: Advanced
I am Mr Ivan Borislavov Stoychev from Bulgaria and I attended CLA in 2009, 2010 and 2012, level intermediate.
1 - I attend CLA because it is very helpful for me to improve my English pronunciation and speaking.
2 - I always enjoy it! We make a lot of friends from different countries there which means different cultures and traditions and during the funny evenings we show them and exchange customs. It is absolutely fascinating for us!
3 - Yes, certainly! I have not enough cases of using English in my everyday life and work. Taking part in such useful course helps me in learning English and participating in European exchange programmes. For example, in 2012 I took part in CEPOL Exchange Programme 2012.
Thank you again!

Ivan Stoychev, Bulgaria
1 - I was attending CLA a lot of times. I was studying French and English in the university at the faculty of International Economic Affairs and the theme international relations will always be interesting to me as well as studying foreign languages, culture of European countries, finding friends there. CLA gives a good opportunity to study French, to practice it with our teachers and friends every year. And of course I have weakness and love for the French language, and France even can’t explain why (maybe I was a French lady in my former life ☺). Having attended CLA for the first time in 2007, I am visiting it every year.

2 - I enjoyed CLA courses a lot, even more. First because it gives me the opportunity not only to practice and maintain the knowledge of French language as well as English one but also to share my opinion on different topics namely terrorism, peace keeping operations, Afghanistan, UNO, Cold war stereotype and all the others we discuss during the CLA course. And what is more important to get the opinion of people from the different countries on the different questions and topics.

3 - I use both languages in day to day work (starting from work with computer and finishing with business correspondence). Moreover I use it from time to time in military life (working with military delegations) Could honestly say that here in Russia I haven’t met people who had pass STANAG testing.., excepting employees from different embassies in Russian Federation. STANAG certificate gives me some kind of exclusivity here in Russia and I am sure that it will be useful for me not only today. I was never regretting time spend on CLA courses and want to visit it again and again at least till obtaining STANAG in French 3333 ☺ .

Lebedeva Olga, Lieutenant
Years of attendance 2007-2012 (French course), Advanced level of French
1 - It was recommended by a reservist friend of mine.
2 - Yes I enjoyed a lot because for quantity and quality of activities apart from the English course.
3 - Yes a lot, I learned a lot of military vocabulary and improved my speaking due to the effort of the staff.

Mariano Gonzalez - Spanish Air Force 2Lt.
CLA’09 Sofia.
1 - The CLA is good school to perfect the language skills.
2 - For sure. That was a  possibility to contact the English speakers.
3 - Yes, the cources of English is usefull for my civilian social life.   By my opinion the organization of the next CLA should continue.
Maj (r) Alexandru PASA, Moldova. In 2005 (Hungary) and 2011 (Moldova)
Language academy until now I participated three times and in Bulgaria, Moldova and the Czech Republic. Three prashaanja my answer is as follows:
1 - Main profession is professor of German and a teacher of Croatian and Serbian. English intensively study the true from my first attendance language academy in Bulgaria. I came to a solid level of knowledge and you to use the English language. Parallel expansion of knowledge in the field of military equipment, resolve conflicts peacefully.
2 - In the past three years advanced a lot since I enjoyed both activities that I mentioned in the first point.
3 - In the my civilian life as editor of the military magazine try repeatedly fetch my experience to all citizens.

I want to continue my activity.
Cap Zoran Stojkoski of Macedonia
1 - Cause of I had a chance at first time. After that I was doing it once again,and again,and again...
So, If I will have any chance in the future, surele I will do it. Again.
2 - I like CLA so mach! New friends, good speaking experience and amazing possibility to feel a student's time serenity.
It is like a little trip on the Time mashine. And of course it is a new countres with new culture, new food and different types of beer and wine, and Vodka as usually, which you can dive in, for study something new and interesting.
3 - Yes it is. 200% useful. Now I can write messs to my friends on Facebook and Linkedin:) And, I can write messs to the friends of my boss too. That is extra chance for me in my career!
All my respects for CLA.

Col. Igor Bledjean, South Russia, CLA 2007-2011, ERC 2010,2011, STANAG II
1 - I attended CLA because I wanted to improve my English and to find out how other associations of reserve officers operate.
2 - Yes, I did. I have met many new people and we have spent nice time together. Also, we have exchanged experiences and useful information on how  associations of reserve officers operate. 
3 - Yes, it was useful for my civilian life. I have improved my English. 

Major(r) Zoran Stojanovic from Serbia. I attended CLA in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011. My level is intermediate. 
1 - Due to the necessity to learn quickly a foreign language.
2 - Yes, a lot, especially the professionalism of the professors, the amiability and the availability to support me in order to reach this goal.
3 - Very useful and I would be very glad to improve my knowledge of French language by individual study and, if possible, I would like to go forward with the next level at the classes of Mrs. Beatrice Gastral.

Lt.col.(r) Cornelia PRIOTEASA
First Vice President of Romanian Reserve Officers Association
CLA French Language Course, level – debutant, Viscoy, 2012, Czech Republic
My name is corp. Tomáš Preininger. I am 37 years old. I am from Prague. I am reservist Military policie of Czech republic.

I was at CIOR Language Academy in summer 2012 in Czech republic in Vyškov.
I visited CLA, because I could be better in English. I have never been in U.S.A or in UK. I could not speak English for long time.
CLA is a chance to speak English, when I can not speak English in U.S.A or in UK.
CLA 2012 in Vyškov was very interesting for me. I could speak English and I had friends from other countries.
CLA was very useful for my civilian and military life.

1 - To improve my French skills and meet (new and old) friends among CIOR people. 
2 - Absolutley yes. Good quality of teaching, visiting places in Europe I have never been before (and which are partly closed for non-military) and getting lots of new friends.
3 - Definitely yes!

Kristjan Väärt, 1. lieutenant, 2004 French and 2005 French advanced.
1 - I was in 2003 65 years old, I've never been to any language course and I learned the basics of English as an autodidact. I needed to learn English quickly and intensely , which I used in my profession as a sociologist and researcher and also in my activity in the Union of Reservists of Slovak Republic like a head of Commission for international affairs.
2 - Yes… The course of CLA has been driven by excellent lecturers who knew how to teach the adult learners. On the other side, most of the students were on teaching strongly motivated personally (such as myself). I think, it was a key of success of CLA. In addition, I have known many new friends from abroad with interesting fates, with many of them I keep up a correspondence until now...
3 - Yes, I greatly improve in English and I have used it in my work, as well as in the activities in our reservists organisation. If I could, I would participate on CLA even now... I'm already an old pensioner, I’m not working, but to continue learning alone is not for me…

1st Lt (R) Ing. Zdenek Stastny PhD from Slovak Republic. I attended on two courses of the CLA. For the first time in 14 -25 July 2003 in Poljce in Slovenia. There I was assigned to the level of a beginner. The following year 2004 (11.-23. July) I was on the course in Borovets in Bulgaria. I logged on to middle level, but on the second day got me into the top-level…

1 - I attend to CLA, because I wanted to learn and practice my English and improve my skills in this area and I know that I can met new people, who will be good partners in job and good friends in life.
2 - Yes, It was great time for me. I found all of this that I wanted ☺ I hope that In future will same ☺
3 - Yes, It’s very useful for my civilian life ☺
Thank you for your attention.

Best regards ☺ Nina Berova, Bulgaria
1 - With great pleasure,  I will definitely take part one more time because it's an amazing opportunity to combine the pleasant activities  with useful knowledge.
2 - This was a unique chance to learn more than one language, in the most productive way, by combining it with the practice of fluent communication.
3 - Of course the comprehension of English and Spanish was useful as I spent the year 2011-2012 in Spain.

Tudor Căruntu, reserve captain of the armed forces in Republic of Moldova.
Participant who successfully completed the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers CIOR English Language Training Course IMS/CRS.909.15 ( July 18-30, 2011; Dacia Center, Chisinau)
1 - Basically to improve my vocabulary concerning with the military area.
2 - Yes of course, It was an amazing experince. Any possibility to meet other european members of the reserve and know who the reverve forces are been used in their own countries and their experiences is really a good idea.
3 - Really not so much regarding with my military life. Here in Spain the Reserve Forces are not been used abroad at least up to present. Right now it seems, as per latest rules approved by the Spanish Goverment,  that few members of the Health reserve forces start to send jointly with the professionals abroad,  but still under the minimums compare with other European Reserve Forces.
Regarding with my civilian life well I'm using the english daily in my job as member of the Shipping Company, but as I say in the begining it was a manner to know military terms.

Francisco Espinosa Rank : Corporal (while attending the CLA I was Private). Level : 2 // CLA July 2010.
I attended seven times. My first CLA was at 2004 in Bulgaria and my last CLA was at 2015 in Vishkov. I started in beginner level and finished advance level.I also passed STANAG in Czech Republic level two. The CLA was very useful,because I really improved my English and also I made friends there.I enjoyed to study and enjoyed to see my friends there. How CLA helped me in my civil life? Thanks to my improved English I found job abroad like a doctor.

Polina Taleva Rusinova, Bulgaria
I attended the CLA in Hungaria 2005, in Szendendre. I was very enjoyed of the cultural important site and the excursions to the captial and Komarom Fortification. To meet an interational flair of soldiers ane in the same way human contacts made a win win effect. The CLA was very useful in communication with foreign friends and for military services in NATO HQ Skopije and Prizren as liasion officer, CIOR project officer, and deputy cief of the joint visitor bureau.

Franz Messmer LTC res GE
My name is Lyubka Brambarova. I was student at CIOR Language Academy in 2009. It was my first Language Academy. I am working in BG Army. I am a soldier. My rank is private. I learned English, but I did not can speak it at all time if I am in Bulgaria. The CIOR Language Academy was my practice, very good practice. I enjoed when I was in this course. I met different people, heared specific English pronounciotion and I saw different culture. Now, I am learning English again and I hope, I will go to a CLA this year..
Best wishes,

Lyubka Brambarova, Bulgaria
1 - To improve my English and meet military people for another countries. I think is a great and interesting opportunity to open your mind when you live and spend good times with people from foreign places.
2 - Yes of course: I have great remembrances of this experience. Nice people and interesting activities. The organization makes all easy and fun!
3 - Yes. It was very useful for both of them

Javier Neila Toledo. 2º Lt IN Para unit. Spanish Army.
I was in CLA 2010 (Vyskov) and Refresher in Gdynia the same year.

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